Rigid Wheelchair Range

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Whether it is your first chair or that hard earned number that represents a lifetime of rolling; riding Ethos is like nothing you have ever experienced before. A true testament to innovation and the art of wheelchair design. Ethos embodies the elements that are critical to ride quality and performance.

Scientifically proven vibration damping technology diminishes vibrations received by the body. Giving you a ride so smooth that cracks and crevices disappear in the wake of every push. This is combined with an exceptionally rigid lower frame design that results in the ultimate high-performance ride. Ethos provides an uncompromising combination of ride quality and performance.

A difference you have to experience.


Iso tech

Iso Tech (Isolation Technology) is a patent pending method of isolating the seat frame from the base frame using vibration damping polymers. These act in unison to significantly reduce vibration that has been linked to pain and fatigue in studies. Also, the casters are no longer attached to the frame you sit on, so vibrations from the casters are not transferred to the footplate and your body.


Whole Body Vibration

Research has shown that whole body vibration from wheelchair use can be linked to pain and fatigue. Iso Tech significantly reduces the vibrations you feel from rolling over everyday surfaces. No other chair can give you a ride like this.


Performance Frame

The base frame has been engineered with incredible rigidity for optimum performance. Its front caster design provides just the right amount of flex to smoothly navigate bumps and cracks. Its also the only rigid frame on the market that lets you independently adjust your wheelbase for increased stability and performance.



 Ethos was designed to make optimisation easy. You can easily adjust the centre of gravity, seat depth and front and rear seat heights to achieve the optimum set up for maximum performance.



Choose from a combination of 21 frame colours, 8 highlights and 8 anodised options. Make it as bright and bold as your personality or make a power statement with a more subtle and sleek design.


Ki Mobility Rogue Wheelchair

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Rogue black - right
Rogue black - right

Ki Mobility Rogue Wheelchair

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Rogue black - back
Rogue black - back

Ki Mobility Rogue Wheelchair

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Ki Mobility Rogue Wheelchair

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The Rogue experience introduces you to state-of-the-art design innovation that lends itself to the highest level of responsiveness and rigidity than has ever been felt before. You will be riveted by the level of responsiveness and precision handling felt with every turn, with every push. Quality construction and finite adjustment ensures that it can fit the needs and ambitions of the person using it. At 4.81kg Rogue moves with you around every corner and across every street with minimal effort.


Ultra Responsive Ride

You will not feel anything else like it. Strategically designed with oversized 1 3/8” 7000 series tubing, makes Rogue lighter, stronger, and stiffer... resulting in the most responsive rigid frame ride on the market. An ultra lightweight ride with the aesthetics of a high performance custom design.


Extreme Lightweight

Incredibly light with a 4.81 kg. transport weight, Rogue is a high performance rigid frame that conserves your energy. You will be riveted by the level of responsiveness and precision handling felt with every turn, with every push. Rogue moves with you around every corner and across every street with minimal effort.


New Ergonomic Backrest Mechanism

The NEW, ergonomic locking backrest can be actuated with one hand and allows you to leave your side guards on when folding the backrest, making transfers easier than ever before! The simple, modern design is the only one to allow a recline position which opens your back angle up 6 degrees. This makes pressure relief, repositioning or simply getting dressed much easier.


RP Tuning

It’s the only caster adjustment system which gives perfect alignment for everyone at any seat angle. The modified rack and pinion gear is infinitely adjustable over any range and can be adjusted while the chair is occupied. It’s as simple as tightening and loosening a screw. No small components to take apart and put back together. It’s called RP Tuning. And only Rogue has it.


Tower And Side Frame Adjustment System

Rogue, a custom look with built-in adjustment. The towers minimal oval profile is lightweight and built for durability that is customised to order to achieve the perfect height with a discreet adjustment system. Our NEW ink transfer adjustment guide located on the bottom of the seat frame, helps make your centre of gravity adjustments easier.


Ki Mobility Tsunami

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Ki Mobility Tsunami

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Ki Mobility Tsunami

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Ki Mobility Tsunami

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Tsunami ALX is a sleek look, a light frame, a stiffer, more responsive ride all at an incredible price. Tsunami ALX's lightweight construction takes a back seat to no one with an 5.08 kg transport weight and a 20% stiffer and more responsive ride than chairs costing thousands more. With Ki Mobility you don't have to sacrifice quality, design or options to get a great product at an affordable price.


7000 1 3/8" Aluminum Tubing

The signature frame construction of our rigid chairs is like nothing else you will see in the market today. You will not feel anything else like it either, because it is 20% stiffer and stronger than other aluminium rigid frames on the market. The lightweight ultra-stiff 7000 series 1 3/8" tubing is the ideal combination of vibration dampening and rigidity.


Crescent CG System

Hidden inside your Tsunami, the simple yet ingenious Crescent CG system keeps the side frame free of excess hardware, while providing infinite adjustability. It is this infinite adjustability that allows you to position the CG anywhere along the side frame without worrying about interference with the backrest hardware or aftermarket seating system. Comfort just got easier.


Tubular Component System (TCS)

TCS provides individual seat height setting without the clutter of extra metal and hardware. Seat heights are adjustable up and down in 1/4" increments. This gives you a sleek, clean chair. Also, by using the tubular components we greatly increase the lateral stiffness of the chair resulting in a stiffer, more responsive ride.


Machined Caster Housings

The distinctive front caster housing design is made from precision machined aluminium, providing a unique visual symmetry that catches the eye and is incredibly strong. The design aids in the responsiveness and durability of the ride, which you will feel with every push forward.


Option Availability

Just because it has a low price doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice options and the ability to customise. The ALX comes with multiple ways to get the fit you want, the fit you need. Choose the style and positioning you want with more front-frame bend options, tapers and colours than the competition.


Footplate Adjustment

Infinite Adjustment of your footplate! Now you can easily adjust your footplate in just a few simple steps using just one tool! Simply loosen, adjust and tighten. It is that easy and you are able to achieve the perfect fit, for you.