About Us

Located in Waterside Garden Centre, which is around 4 miles from Bourne, Lincolnshire. We offer a range of mobility aids, walking aids, mobility scooters, Cosyfeet shoes as well as our accessible bathroom showroom. Here you can see various bathing options available to people with mobility issues or anyone just wanting to upgrade their bathroom! We will be able to guide you in making an informed decision on a bathroom that suits your needs. We can also arrange our bathroom installation team to carry out a survey and provide you with an estimated quote.

The Ability Shop is a family run business that began as an accessible bathing solution company - Ability Bathing

We have personal experience of living with mobility issues, as one of our Directors who works in the shop, suffered a spinal cord injury in June 2016 and is now a full time wheelchair user. It was his vision that everyone should be able to have access to as much independence as possible and be able to view the options available before making purchases that could otherwise not be suitable. 

We want to give you the 'ABILITY' to live your life in comfort with independence!


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Opening Times

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Friday: 9am-4pm

Saturday - Sunday: 10am-4pm

(Closed 2nd August - 9th August)


Our Team

James Thorpe
James Thorpe

Director James suffered a C7 spinal injury in June 2016 and has since been a wheelchair user therefore has a great understanding on mobility issue and the importance of retaining independence.

Rob Thorpe
Rob Thorpe

Director Rob is our bathroom specialist (Ability Bathing). He has been fitting accessible bathrooms for over 8 years. He has experience with lots of different mobility situations, so can give expert advise to make sure you get the bathroom that suits your individual needs.

Shelagh Thorpe
Shelagh Thorpe

Head of sales and accounts Shelagh is our Cosyfeet advisor as well as a good knowledge of all things mobility related.

Meet the newest member of our team...'Alan' the Sproodle!

Image of James and his puppy Alan

James has decided to take the plunge into puppy parenthood! He has teamed up with Nortnewydd Sproodles to create a blog about his adventures, trials and tribulations with 'Alan' the Sproodle puppy. The aim of the blog is to show people who suffer with disabilities that it is possible to live an independent life with a dog that hasn't been previously trained as an assistance dog. Sproodles have often been referred to as 'designer dogs' but they have so much more to offer than just being a 'pet' with their intelligence and natural desire to want a job to do like helping their owners.

Follow their journey below: