Motion Healthcare M Lite

Motion Healthcare M Lite



The M Lite range adds innovative Lithium battery technology to a high quality, tried and tested design. 

The M Lite offers up to 6 miles range. The compact design of the M Lite makes it the ideal travel scooter and complies with the Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations for air travel. The simple but efficient design of the M Lite means it can be unfolded and ready for use in seconds. 

The lightweight materials and the simplistic design keeps the total weight of the scooter down to an impressive 17.8kg. Once folded the M Lite can be transported in a 'trolley mode' adding to its appeal as a travel companion.


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Length: 85cm / 33.5”

Width: 42cm / 17”

Height: 75cm / 29.5”

Seat Width: 34cm / 13.4”

Wheels: Solid 16.5cm / 6”

Total Weight: 39.2lbs / 17.8kg

Heaviest Part: 39.2lbs / 17.8kg

Battery Weight: 4lbs / 1.85kg

Max User Weight: 18stone / 115kg

Range: 6 miles / 9.8km

Speed: 4mph / 6kph

Battery: 25.2v 4ah Lithium

Ground Clearance: 2.5cm / 2”

Max Gradient: 6°